Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shopping, or Not

Trip from last month.

I haven't been shopping as much lately. Part of it is because I don't see as many exciting deals as I did a year ago. Another part is all the change in policies. (Rite Aid anyone?) The biggest reason is I'm a little burnt out. I've built up a nice health and beauty stock pile for myself and my Sweetheart. (We don't need anything for a while.) I really want to work on my grocery stock, but with the cash so tight, there is hardly room for extras.

I wonder what direction I should be taking this blog exactly. I started out wanting to write about getting out of debt. I thought a monthly update was good, but I need some more content in between. So my shopping trips got posted. I think I would like to refocus a little on the debt climbing. Not sure how, but I'll give it a shot. Hopefully I'll come up with something soon.


  1. i am with you. I want to concentrate more on the grocery stores. I wish they offer more catalina promos to roll them like at the drugstores.

  2. More cats would be awesome. I've been keeping my eyes out for a cereal deal like last year. I doubt it's going to come back. It felt great to get all that cereal for free! I couldn't eat it all, but the women's shelter loved it.