Friday, July 8, 2011

July Budget & Monthly Climb

Pumpkin Muffin!

I'm far behind this week . . . ARG! It's time I sat down and made myself a posting schedule. It's the only way I'm going to really keep up. I've gotten out of the habit. Thankfully next week will be a great opportunity to be all caught up. I asked off for an extra day and the following week I'll only work 4 days at CVS instead of five. This week I'm working 6 days and I'm really getting worn out.

I've been baking a little bit when I get the chance. This is the start of blueberry buckle. I found the recipe at Totally Target. I modified it by using whole wheat flour and raspberries. It's an awesome breakfast. Yummy!

The Budget:

Bills (Electric) $104
Bunnies $30
Car Insurance $36
Car Repair $100 *Need to save for future repairs & regular oil changes (Expensive!)
Cellphone $36
Clothing $20
Cruise 2012 $50 *A trip that's been in the works for about 3 years.
Free Money $40
Gas $140
Groceries $120 *slight increase
Health $20
Rent $310
Student Loans $372

Grand Total: $1378/month (Take home pay.)

*Extra money tallied up at the end of the month. All extra funds are to pay off one of my student loans.

A few changes this month. The biggest thing is my minimum loan payment took a huge drop. $100 dollars! But my monthly budget went up? Huh? $50 for a future trip + $40 additional in car repairs + $20 for groceries . . . it just gets eaten away. Ideally I would take the extra money and keep paying off more of my loans. There are expenses I know that are coming up. I could probably skip the cruise money, but I rather have more than necessary than not enough. Once the trip is over I will put all the extra back into my loans. With the way things have gone lately I should still have extra money at the end of the month.

Monthly Climb!!!
Grand Total Last Month: $41,243.79
New Grand Total: $40,482.25
Amount Paid Off: $761.54

WOW! That a huge number! I'll admit that technically $240 of that should be applied to next month. It makes more sense to show it here as I've paid off another loan! It was going to be finished off in Feb of 2012, that's 7 months early! As a reward to myself I bought a bento box. My rule for my rewards as I pay off loans are to use no more the one month's minimum payment. In this case $100!

I was happy to find Groupon with a great deal of Lock 'n Lock. A $50 credit for $25. My chosen box would have been about $20 so I splurged a little bit more to get some extras. The credit did not include shipping so all told I spent about $32. That means I have that extra to pay off more loans. (Actually I had just enough extra to finish off that one loan and buy my treat. So I get to start my new budget right away.) I haven't had the chance to use my bento yet, but I do have a plan for it.

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